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How can i get a resouce book on relocation of a private school project due to enviromental set back?
Hello, Thank you for your inquiry about relocating a private school due to environmental set back. We have information covering all phases of relocation and if you could be more specific we can recommend the correct information. Such a relocation can carry many tax burdens on the school and employees if not done correctly. We can help guide you. - Where is the school located: US? State? Country? - Will you move out of that area? - Will instructors have to move from their current homes? - How soon do you want to start this and when do you want to open in the new location? If you would like to call on the phone and talk about this it can be on a confidential basis. I know we have the answers to all the questions you will need to address. We are located in Portland, Oregon, USA and that is Pacific Daylight time. Portland is located on the West Coast. Our office hours are 7:30am to 5pm. 1-800-980-0077 or 503-244-8929. I look foward to being of assistance to you. Jan Dickinson, President 10250 SW Greenburg Rd., Ste. 125 Portland Oregon 97223 email address: relocntr@nwlink.com

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