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Midge Houck, Salem, OR
Mon, Feb 20, 2006
"This is the best cookbook in the world. Everything is so good - and SO easy. I'll never use another cookbook now that I have this one."

Crystal Montgomery
Wed, May 05, 2004
"You can't begin to understand the value of the book - A Complete Guide, which has been our first line of defense against new and challenging situations, full of creative and helpful solutions."

Marissa Mosley
Mon, Apr 21, 2003
"WOW - your book is very comprehensive and impressive! I can see you had put a lot of time and effort into it."

Lewis Keplinger
Mon, Nov 05, 2001
"I'm single. What did I know about relocating? I couldn't have handled it without The Complete Guide To Family Relocation, even though I'm not a family, it worked!"

Richard Smith
Fri, Feb 21, 1997
"The chapter in Complete Gude To Family Relocation on 'leaving friends' really helped our situation with our kids. Great Book! Really helpful."

Authur J. Kielty, Union Pacific
Tue, May 14, 1996
"The Complete Guide To Family Relocation was terrific. At twice the price it would have been the perfect addition to the materials prepared by our company."

Kathleen Peterson
Tue, Mar 03, 1992
"Received your books. They are awesome. I have gone through them, page by page. You have included everything. Can't thank you enough."

Erwin Hogeweg
Mon, Nov 19, 1990
"Thanks for the excellent reader on The International Move. Yesterday evening I have read it from cover to cover. I found it so interesting I just couldn't carry myself away from it."

Vincent Raajimaker
Thu, May 17, 1990
"I was very surprised by reading 'The International Move.' What a complete information!"

Trudy Harrison
Fri, Mar 16, 1990
"Truly the most user-friendly books I've ever read..."

Ross and Betsy Reggas
Tue, Nov 18, 1986
"The process of moving overseas was awesome to think about until we got Jan Dickinson's International Move book/Singapore as a host country. It armed us with answers to questions we didn't even know should be asked."

Tom Downs, Mitre Corp.
Sat, Oct 05, 1985
"I am impressed with your International Relocation book. The book has much information which is valuable and the style which you have used in putting it together is great. It is the best of such that I have seen."

Ann Jarvis
Wed, Oct 02, 1985
"About Jan Dickinson's books? All I can say is don't ask to borrow them..."

Peggy Angelo
Sun, Sep 09, 1984
"Jan is my new best friend - and I have never actually met her..."

Bill Eppick
Tue, Oct 04, 1983
"The Complete Guide To Family Relocation is the "Bible" of the relocation industry."

Bruce Z.
Thu, May 12, 1983
"The books gave me my own personal life coach throughout the whole relocation process..."

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