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Surviving Outplacement

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A guide through the process of recognizing and dealing with the emotional side of job loss; realistic, financial evaluation, budgeting and planning; and preparing for reemployment.  It covers setting job objectives, resume and cover letter writing, exploring the job market and the interview process.

A quote from the 'Notes From the Author' section of the book:

When the world, national or local economies change for the worst, employers have to make dramatic changes in their product or service, overhead and unfortunately the employee base, in order to survive the downturn.

Management spends countless hours during the day and sleepless hours during the night, addressing these issues.

Most hurt deeply having to make the decisions about scaling down employee count.  They are well aware of the impact they are going to make on the lives and emotional well-being of each employee involved, and their families.

It is almost never an impersonal process.  The important thing that the affected employees must concentrate on, during this time, is that:  This is not about you.  Bad things happen to good people.

This is so true, Harold S. Kushner even wrote a book titled When Bad Things Happen to Good People, addressing the challenges, and offering support to work your way through these times.

What happens to you, is not who or what you are!  It is what you are experiencing.  This is important to remember when things become overwhelming and you have feelings that can lead to depression.

The sudden loss of a job, and perhaps what you feel is your identity, will trigger immediate reactions.  All are normal to experience and you have to go through each phase.

Know that it is the natural process.  It's like losing a loved one to death, going through a divorce or a job relocation.

First, you experience Shock (I can't believe this is happening to me!)

Anger follows closely behind this.  (How could you do this to me!)  Hostility is aimed at everyone, starting with your former employer and even extending to those employees remaining with their jobs.

Families and close friends are often recipients of the results of these angry feelings.  Your family and friends are part of your team.  When your anger rises, remember that they are on your side.  Instead of venting toward them, utilize their knowledge and support to put things back in order.

These challenges in no way diminish your ability, or who you are.

Negotiation comes next.  You must look into yourself to determine how you are going to handle this major challenge.

Resolution and making and implementing plans to proceed with putting your life back together are the important phases facing you.

There are numerous resources to guide you through this.  Outplacement firms, mental health organizations, self-help support groups and self-help, motivational type books.

Who Moved My Cheese  by Spencer Johnson, M.D. is an easy-read book.  It only takes about an hour and a half.  It is a story that addresses sudden loss and how four different reactions take place and the results of each.  It challenges you to define which reaction you are following in your current situation and subtly shows you that you have choices.

We will try to point out some of these choices.  Hopefully, this book will also be of help in understanding your feelings, getting your finances in order, setting your job objectives and getting applications or resumes and cover letters put together so you feel more confident.  View it as your personal Life Coach.

Remember what a good person you are and how much you have to offer a future employer.

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