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The International Move is also available with a special, individually researched section that includes detailed cultural and business information on selected host countries.

As an expatriate moving to another country there are always challenges and adjustments.  Perhaps the most challenging is for foreign nationals coming into the United States.

This book guides them through just about everything for daily living and explains the business culture and attitudes.

It helps newcomers to understand how vast the country is and how each major area within the country has its own culture and history.  Even though we all speak English, our conversations are filled with local idioms, sport and business phrases, which might as well be a different language the newcomer will have to learn to successfully participate, particularly on the work front.

Detailed information on each subject is presented in language easy to understand:

Many stores in the United States are open seven days a week.  In some areas of the country, stores are required to close on Sunday.  Stores in this country do not close over the lunch or dinner hour.  Everything from local shops to large enclosed malls are available.  Prices range from expensive to discount and everything in between.  You will find the price posted on almost all types of merchandise.  That price is not subject to negotiation.  There are many sales, special prices and discount coupons.

Some grocery stores are open 24 hours.  There are usually local markets such as bakeries and butchers but most people in this country shop in supermarkets.  Large supermarkets carry all types of food, health care products, variety items and some even have pharmacies.

There are several types of markets:

Warehouse/Discount - These stores do not have fancy displays.  They do offer low prices and good selection of the most common food items.  All have produce, fresh meat and some delicatessen items.  You may have to bag your own groceries and carry them out.

Neighborhood Supermarkets - These offer a wide selection of food, many displays, a widely varied produce selection, fresh meat and delicatessen items.  They bag your groceries and offer either carry-out or drive-up service.

Convenience Store - This type of store has a very limited selection.  They usually have a very small produce section, if any, no fresh meat, and limited delicatessen items.  They often offer hot fast-food items such as hamburgers and sandwiches, as well as ice cream and frozen yogurt.  Their prices are higher than a regular supermarket and most people shop there for only one or two items they need in a hurry.

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