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Corporate Relocation
Relocation is an important function within the company's strategic planning. It can be 20% of a job description in the Human Resources Dept. or the Financial office but consume 90% of your time, if you let it. Jan Dickinson's manual "Inside Corporate Relocation" explains who the players are and how to work with them, and how to set up the relocation program. It has been used as a training manual on Jan's consulting jobs in training of corporate administrators. All of the other books, domestic & international, offered are available in quantity for you to give employees who are being relocated. We can include your corporate logo on the cover and bind in a letter from your company's appropriate official. Attractive quantity discounts are available.

Domestic Relocation
Wheatherstone Press offers Jan Dickinson's reader-friendly books on a wide range of topics including: The moving process; moving with children; how to sell, buy and build a house; selecting schools and daycares; garage sales; moving pets and plants; locating employment. The books we offer are definitely full circle, even including a move-explaining coloring book and a cook book with easy recipes tested by world class eaters. The major book we offer is The Complete Guide To Family Relocation. A book review done by the General Mills Manager of Personnel Administration is included with the description. Training manuals are available for corporate relocation administrators. How to set up relocation departments, and much, much more for real estate companies. Manuals covering services to provide as an add-on, or to create into a stand alone business round out the domestic offerings.

International Relocation
Wheatherstone Press is pleased to announce the publication of very important books in its International series. Jan Dickinson's book The International Move is critically acclaimed, internationally. Read a book review by the Worldwide Relocation Manager of Hewlett Packard along with the description. The books covering how to live, work and do business in specific countries have been selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress for Ambassadors and Diplomats to use when going on assignment to those countries. The International Move: The United States has received wide acceptance with foreign nationals. It is a basic guide to help understand the people and varied cultures of the United States, both personally and in business. Books are constantly being developed on additional host countries and we welcome special requests.

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